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Public presentations of October 14, 2020; Groundwater Geoscience Program, current status of research projects for the 2019-2024 program cycle

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doi: 10.4095/327583
Authors:Jacob, N.; Russell, Hazen A. J.; Brodaric, Boyan; Rivard, Christine; Paradis, D.; Benoît, N.
Source:Scientific Presentation - Geological Survey of Canada, Vol.119, 76p. Publisher: Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Publication Date:2021
Note:In English. This publication contains Archetypal Aquifer Project: consolidating 25 years of GSC groundwater work, Groundwater Geoscience Program 2019-2024 , Geological Survey of Canada, Scientific Presentation no. 119, 2021
Subjects:Aquifers; Aquitards; Artificial intelligence; Bedrock; Boreholes; Cenozoic; Chromite ores; Classification; Clastic rocks; Clastic sediments; Climate; Climate change; Copper ores; Cores; Data; Devonian; Duvernay Formation; Environmental geology; Eskers; Facies; Faults; Field studies; Flow mechanism; Fluid dynamics; Fluid injection; Fluvial features; Forests; Fractures; Frasnian; Geochemistry; Geodesy; Geographic information systems; Geologic hazards; Geophysical surveys; Geothermal energy; Glacial features; Glacial geology; Glacial sedimentation; Glaciomarine sedimentation; Ground water; Habitat; Hydraulic conductivity; Hydraulic fracturing; Hydraulics; Hydrochemistry; Hydrogeology; Hydrology; Industry; Information systems; Lacustrine environment; Lacustrine sedimentation; Lakes; Landslides; Lead ores; Limnology; Lithostratigraphy; Marine sedimentation; Mass movements; Metal ores; Migration; Mineral resources; Mining; Models; Monitoring; Movement; Mud; Mudstone; Natural gas; Natural hazards; Networks; Nickel ores; Observation wells; Overburden; Paleoenvironment; Paleogene; Paleozoic; Paskapoo Formation; Permeability; Petroleum; Petroleum exploration; Pollutants; Pollution; Porosity; Possibilities; Potentiometric surface; Precambrian; Pressure; Provenance; Recovery; Remediation; Sandstone; Sedimentary rocks; Sedimentation; Sediments; Siltstone; Snow; Standardization; Stratiform deposits; Stratigraphy; Structural geology; Surface water; Surveys; Technology transfer; Tertiary; Thickness; Topography; Upper Devonian; Utilization; Vegetation; Wapiti Formation; Water management; Water quality; Water regimes; Water resources; Water supply; Water wells; Watersheds; Well-logging; Wetlands; Zinc ores; Alberta; Canada; Eastern Canada; Oak Ridges Moraine; Ontario; Western Canada; Hydrostratigraphic units; Management; Peat bogs; Phanerozoooic; Remobilization; Satellite measurements; Wells; Wildlife
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