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Targeted Geoscience Initiative 5; Advances in the understanding of Canadian Ni-Cu-PGE and Cr ore systems; examples from the Midcontinent Rift, the Circum-Superior Belt, the Archean Superior Province, and Cordilleran Alaskan-type intrusions

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doi: 10.4095/326702
Authors:Bleeker, Wouter; Houlé, M. G.
Source:Open-File Report - Geological Survey of Canada, No.8722, 225p. Publisher: Geological Survey of Canada, Calgary, AB, Canada
Publication Date:2020
Note:In English. This publication contains Advances in the understanding of Canadian Ni-Cu-PGE and Cr ore systems - examples from the Midcontinent Rift, the Circum-Superior Belt, the Archean Superior Province, and Cordilleran Alaskan-type intrusions: preface, Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 8722, 2020
Summary:Key objectives of Phase 5 (2015-2020) of the Targeted Geoscientific Initiative (TGI) program of Natural Resources Canada and the Geological Survey of Canada were to generate new knowledge, methodologies, and models to enhance the exploration industry's ability to detect buried ore deposits and extensions of existing ore systems, and to provide models for targeting new deposit areas. This synthesis volume contains nine individual papers that discuss deposit scale to magmatic system fundamentals from various Canadian examples pertaining to the TGI-5 Ni-Cu-PGE-Cr project.
Subjects:Absolute age; Alkalinity; Alteration; Antiform folds; Archean; Basalts; Base metals; Basins; Bedrock; Boreholes; Carbonates; Carbonatites; Chemical analysis; Chemically precipitated rocks; Chemostratigraphy; Chert; Chromitite; Chromium; Clastic rocks; Clinopyroxenite; Cobalt ores; Complexes; Conglomerate; Controls; Copper ores; Cores; Correlation; Cratons; Crystal fractionation; Crystallization; Cumulates; Decollement; Deformation; Diabase; Dikes; Dunite; Electron probe data; Emplacement; Erosion; Exploration; Exsolution; Facies; Faults; Field studies; Flood basalts; Flow mechanism; Flow structures; Fluid dynamics; Folds; Foliation; Fractional crystallization; Gabbros; Genesis; Geochemistry; Geochronology; Geodynamics; Geometry; Granophyre; Graywacke; Greenstone belts; Host rocks; Igneous rocks; Inclusions; Intrusions; Iron formations; Iron ores; Jurassic; Kimberlite; Komatiite; Laminations; Lava channels; Lava flows; Lithogeochemistry; Lithostratigraphy; Mafic composition; Magmas; Magnetite; Major elements; Mantle; Mantle plumes; Mass spectroscopy; Melting; Mesoarchean; Mesozoic; Metadata; Metal ores; Metallogeny; Metallotects; Metals; Metamorphic belts; Metamorphic rocks; Metamorphism; Metavolcanic rocks; Mineral assemblages; Mineral deposits, genesis; Mineral exploration; Mineral resources; Mineralization; Minor elements; Models; Mudstone; Neoarchean; Nesosilicates; Nickel ores; Nicola Group; Orogeny; Orthosilicates; Oxides; Paleoproterozoic; Palladium ores; Partial melting; Peridotites; Petrography; Phonolites; Phosphorus; Planar bedding structures; Plate boundaries; Plate tectonics; Platinum group; Platinum ores; Plutonic rocks; Porphyry; Precambrian; Precious metals; Proterozoic; Provenance; Pyroxenite; Rift zones; Samples; Sandstone; Schistosity; Schlieren; Sedimentary rocks; Sedimentary structures; Shear zones; Silicates; Siliciclastics; Sills; Soft sediment deformation; Spectroscopy; Stratiform deposits; Stratigraphy; Structural analysis; Structural geology; Style; Subduction; Sulfides; Sulfur; Sulfur deposits; Synclines; Tectonics; Textures; Tholeiite; Thrust faults; Titanium ores; Trace elements; Trace-element analyses; Triassic; Troctolite; Turbidite; U/Pb; Ultramafic composition; Ultramafics; Upper Precambrian; Vanadium ores; Volcanic features; Volcanic rocks; Volcaniclastics; Volcanism; Wall rocks; Websterite; Wehrlite; Whole rock; X-ray fluorescence spectra; Xenoliths; Zircon; Zircon deposits; Zircon group; Zoning; Abitibi Belt; British Columbia; Canada; Canadian Cordillera; Canadian Shield; Coldwell Complex; Duluth Complex; Eastern Canada; Labrador Trough; Manitoba; Minnesota; Newfoundland and Labrador; North America; North American Cordillera; Nunavut; Ontario; Quebec; Superior Province; United States; Western Canada; Alaska-type; Chonoliths; Hydrothermal processes; Igneous activity; Igneous processes; Phanerozoooic; Remobilization; United States of America
Coordinates:N460000 N510000 W0820000 W0920000
N480000 N480950 W0891420 W0891420
N590000 N630000 W0690000 W0790000
N612700 N614800 W0730520 W0742240
N523000 N533000 W0850000 W0870000
N050000 N620000 W0640000 W1000000
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N562540 N563440 W1253140 W1253140
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