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Analise fisico-quimica das aguas superficiais da bacia do Paracuri, Belem-PA  [Physical-chemical analysis of the surface waters of the Paracuri Basin, Belem-PA]

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Alternate Title:Physical-chemical analysis of the surface waters of the Paracuri Basin, Belem-PA
Authors:Paraense, Rafaela Maritha Araujo; Pereira, Andreia Cardoso
Author Affiliations:Primary:
Universidade Federal do Para, Belem, Brazil
Volume Title:Anais 16° Simposio de Geologia de Amazonia Manaus-AM, 23 a 25 de setembro de 2019
Volume Authors:Barbosa, Valquiria Porfirio, organizer; David, Marta Edith Velasquez; Gorayeb, Paulo Sergio de Sousa; do Nascimento, Rielva Solimairy
Source:Anais do Simposio de Geologia da Amazonia, Vol.16, p.32-35; Anais 16° Simposio de Geologia de Amazonia, Manaus, Brazil, Sep. 23-25, 2019, organized by Valquiria Porfirio Barbosa, Marta Edith Velasquez David, Paulo Sergio de Sousa Gorayeb and Rielva Solimairy do Nascimento. Publisher: Sociedade Brasileira de Gelogia, Brazil
Publication Date:2019
Note:In Portuguese. 3 refs.; illus., incl. 1 table, sketch map
Subjects:Arsenic; Concentration; Copper; Discharge; Drainage basins; Effluents; Electrical conductivity; Fluvial environment; Heavy metals; Ions; Lead; Metals; Microorganisms; PH; Physicochemical properties; Pollution; Rainfall; Riparian environment; Seasonal variations; Solutes; Surface water; Surfactants; Toxic materials; Turbidity; Urban environment; Waste water; Water pollution; Water quality; Brazil; Para Brazil; South America; Belem Brazil; Paracuri River basin
Coordinates:S012100 S011800 W0482700 W0483000
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