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Public presentations of May 21st, 2019: Environmental Geoscience Program, current status of research projects (phase 2014-2019)

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doi: 10.4095/314917
Authors:Jacob, N.; Parsons, M.; Rivard, C.; Savard, M. M.; Larmagnat, S.; Outridge, P. M.; White, D.; Kao, H.; Lintern, G.
Source:Scientific Presentation - Geological Survey of Canada, Vol.104, 108p. Publisher: Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Publication Date:2019
Note:In English. This publication is related to Public presentations of May 8th, 2018: Environmental Geoscience Program, current status of research projects, May 2018, no. 88, 2018 This publication contains Geoenvironmental characteristics of gold and critical metal deposits, Geological Survey of Canada, Scientific Presentation no. 104, 2019
Subjects:Actinides; Algorithms; Aliphatic hydrocarbons; Alkali metals; Alkaline earth metals; Alkanes; Aquatic environment; Aquifers; Aromatic hydrocarbons; Arrays; Arsenic; Atmosphere; Basins; Bathymetry; Bedrock; Biochemistry; Bitumens; Boreholes; Bottom currents; Carbon; Carbonates; Carbonatites; Carboniferous; Cenozoic; Chemically precipitated rocks; Clastic rocks; Climate; Climate change; Coastal sedimentation; Copper; Cores; Currents; Decision-making; Diagenesis; Dispersivity; Dredging; Earthquakes; Ecosystems; Energy sources; Environmental geology; Evaporites; Facies; Field studies; Flow mechanism; Fluid dynamics; Fluid injection; Forests; Fractures; Gas injection; Gas storage; Geochemistry; Geophysical surveys; Geothermal energy; Gold ores; Ground ice; Ground water; Heat flow; Holocene; Hydraulic fracturing; Hydrocarbons; Hydrochemistry; Hydrodynamics; Hydrogen; Hydrology; Ice; Igneous rocks; Indicators; Industrial waste; Industry; Infrastructure; Isotopes; Lacustrine environment; Limnology; Lithium; Lithostratigraphy; Marine sedimentation; Marine sediments; Maturity; Measurement; Mercury; Metal ores; Metals; Methane; Micropaleontology; Migration; Mine waste; Mineral resources; Mining; Models; Monitoring; Movement; Natural gas; Niobium ores; Nitrogen; Observation wells; Ocean currents; Oceanography; Oil sands; Open-pit mining; Organic compounds; Oxygen; Paleozoic; Permafrost; Permeability; Petroleum; Physical properties; Pollutants; Pollution; Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; Porosity; Quaternary; Radioactive isotopes; Radium; Recovery; Regulations; Reservoir rocks; Sandstone; Sea water; Sediment transport; Sedimentary basins; Sedimentary rocks; Sedimentation; Sediments; Seismic networks; Seismic risk; Seismicity; Seismology; Shale; Shale gas; Silurian; Slag; Snow; Soils; Stable isotopes; Strain; Structural geology; Surface mining; Surface water; Surveys; Tailings; Tectonics; Temperature; Thermal conductivity; Thorium; Trace elements; Transport; Tree rings; Underground installations; Underground storage; Uranium; Waste disposal; Waste disposal sites; Waste water; Water quality; Water resources; Well-logging; Wetlands; Alberta; Athabasca Oil Sands; British Columbia; Canada; East Pacific; Eastern Canada; Horn River Basin; Manitoba; Maritime Provinces; New Brunswick; Newfoundland and Labrador; North America; North Pacific; Northeast Pacific; Northwest Territories; Nova Scotia; Nunavut; Ontario; Pacific Ocean; Prince Edward Island; Quebec; Saskatchewan; Western Canada; Williston Basin; Yukon Territory; Organic materials; Phanerozoooic
Coordinates:N451500 N453000 W0740000 W0743000
N620000 N650000 W1100000 W1160000
N453543 N460126 W0645517 W0653525
N554500 N583000 W1100000 W1133000
N481040 N484040 W0673520 W0684040
N490220 N490820 W1030220 W1030220
N414500 N900000 W0500000 W1410000
N484500 N501500 W1223000 W1253000
N540000 N550000 W1300000 W1320000
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