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The discovery of the Early Triassic A-type granite in Gadasu, Jarud Banner, Inner Mongolia, and its geological significance

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Authors:Wang Zhisheng; Ma Guoxiang; Lu Tianjun; Wang Xiaoqi; Sun Mingkun; Wang Hongzhi; Wang Yadong
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China National Nuclear Corporation, No, Beijing, China
Volume Title:Dizhi Tongbao Geological Bulletin of China
Source:Dizhi Tongbao = Geological Bulletin of China, 37(9), p.1722-1730. Publisher: Science Press, Beijing, China. ISSN: 1671-2552
Publication Date:2018
Note:In Chinese with English summary
Summary:Gadasu A-type granite has the miarolitic structure and graphic and creep textures as well as chemical characteristics of rich silica and alumina and poor iron, thus belonging to high potassium calc-alkaline series aluminum. Light rare earth curve is included to the right. The rock has rich Ga, Nb, U, poor Ba, Sr, Ti, 10∼4Ga/Al ratios of 2.64∼3.18, Y/Nb ratios of 1.72∼2.03, and Nb/Ta ratios of 5.99∼5.99, indicating A2 type granite. Zircon U-Pb emplacement age shows that the rock mass has the age of 249.0±2.7Ma. The authors thus infer that the granite was formed in the environment of late stage stretching and pull-apart of the Xing-Meng orogenic belt after the closure of the paleo-Asia Ocean in Triassic.
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