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Zapadiny lessovykh ravnin zapadnogo predkavkaz'ya  [Depressions of the loess plains of western Transcaucasia]

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doi: 10.5281/zenodo.2538811
Alternate Title:Depressions of the loess plains of western Transcaucasia
Authors:Konstantinov, Ye. A.
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Rossiskaya Akademiya Nauk, Institut Geografii, Moscow, Russian Federation
Volume Title:Bulleten' nauki i praktiki Bulletin of Science and Practice
Source:Bulleten' nauki i praktiki = Bulletin of Science and Practice, 5(1), p.157-161. Publisher: Nauka i Praktika, Niznevartovsk, Russian Federation. ISSN: 2414-2948
Publication Date:2019
Note:In Russian with English summary. 7 refs.
Summary:The article attempts to approach the problem of the origin of the depressions of the eastern Azov region from the position of morphological analysis. The analysis of numerical data characterizing the size and shape of the depressions was carried out, morphological types of depressions were identified, the ratio of depressions with the levels of alluvial-sea terraces and the structure of the erosion network was analyzed. Given the genetic interpretation of the results. The morphological similarity of the depressions indicates that all forms, regardless of size, are a single genetic complex, and the formation of depressions proceeded according to common mechanisms. The independence of the distribution of depressions from the levels of alluvial-marine terraces indicates the lack of connection between the origin of the depressions and the processes of formation of terraced deposits. Linear orientation (elongation in one direction) of the overwhelming number of forms may indicate the formation of depressions under the influence of a directional flow of matter, that is, most likely, the work of an eolian or fluvial agent. Planned structure of small erosion forms gives grounds to assert that depressions are older than the erosion network.
Subjects:Alluvial plains; Clastic sediments; Depressions; Eolian features; Fluvial features; Landform evolution; Loess; Marine terraces; Numerical models; Sediments; Shore features; Azov region; Commonwealth of Independent States; Europe; Kuban; Russian Federation; Transcaucasia; Paleosols
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