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Mosasaur coprolites from the Bearpaw Formation (Upper Cretaceous) of Saskatchewan, Canada

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Authors:Hunt, Adrian P.; Lucas, Spencer G.
Author Affiliations:Primary:
Flying Heritage and Combat Armor Museum, Everett, WA, United States
New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, United States
Volume Title:Fossil Record 6
Volume Authors:Lucas, Spencer G., editor; Sullivan, Robert M.
Source:Fossil Record 6, edited by Spencer G. Lucas and Robert M. Sullivan. Bulletin - New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, Vol.79, p.271-275. Publisher: New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, Albuquerque, NM, United States. ISSN: 1524-4156
Publication Date:2018
Note:In English. 27 refs.; illus., incl. 1 plate
Summary:Coprolites of marine reptiles were first described in the early nineteenth century. During the 1980s, coprolites were found in the Bearpaw Formation (Upper Cretaceous; upper Campanian) in southern Saskatchewan. Beechybromus wellschi igen. et isp. nov. is a coprolite that is elongate and sub-cylindrical with rounded cross section and is composed of up to 12 discoidal segments; the posterior termination is rounded, and the anterior consists of a triangular apex. It most probably pertains to a mosasaur. A partial specimen from Kansas may pertain to this ichnogenus. Segmented coprolites are typical of mosasaurs.
Subjects:Bearpaw Formation; Campanian; Chordata; Coprolites; Cretaceous; Diapsida; Ichnofossils; Lacertilia; Lepidosauria; Mesozoic; Morphology; Mosasauridae; New taxa; Reptilia; Squamata; Taxonomy; Tetrapoda; Upper Campanian; Upper Cretaceous; Vertebrata; Canada; Saskatchewan; Western Canada; Beechy Member; Beechybromus wellschi; Wellsch Valley
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