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Research on hydrochemical properties of Dong'e karst water system in Liaocheng City

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Authors:Li Yang; Kang Fengxin; Yuan Mingkao; Yang Zhen; Zhou Bobo
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Shandong Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration Institute, Ji'nan, China
Shandong University, School of Civil Engineering, China
Shandong Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources, China
Volume Title:Shuiwen Hydrology
Source:Shuiwen = Hydrology, 37(3), p.63-69. Publisher: China Ministry of Water Resources, Beijing, China. ISSN: 1000-0852
Publication Date:2017
Note:In Chinese with English summary. 13 refs.
Summary:In view of the groundwater quality deterioration, this paper analyzed the data of annual water quality changes at the representative monitoring sites of the Dong-e karst water system, and made contrastive analysis of the water chemistry indicators distribution between in dry season and wet season. The results show that TDS is between 400 mg/L and 700 mg/L, change of total hardness is not obvious, and rainfall recharge is the main factor of leading to the changes of ion content. In 2015, the main type of water is HCO3-Ca in the Dong'e karst water system, the ions movement rule is basically same in dry season and wet season, and there is water pollution at some monitoring sites, which lead to the change of ion content. TDS concentration in wet season is higher than that in dry season, and TDS concentration in discharge areas, which impacts on the safety of drinking water.
Subjects:Chemical properties; Geochemistry; Ground water; Hydrochemistry; Karst hydrology; Nitrite ion; Pollution; Water pollution; Asia; China; Far East; Shandong China; Liaocheng China
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