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Rare earth and trace elements distribution in sediments of River Gora, Minna area, north-central Nigeria; implication for provenance

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doi: 10.5539/esr.v4n1p103
Authors:Obaje, S. O.; Akpoborie, I. A.; Ugbe, F. C.; Onugba, A.
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Salem University, Department of Earth Sciences, Lokoja, Nigeria
Delta State University, Nigeria
Volume Title:Earth Science Research
Source:Earth Science Research, 4(1), p.103-112. Publisher: Canadian Center of Science and Education, Toronto, ON, Canada. ISSN: 1927-0542
Publication Date:2015
Note:In English. 18 refs.; illus., incl. 7 tables, sketch map
Summary:Rare earth and trace elemental compositions of sediment samples collected from the bed of the River Gora in the Minna area of north-central Nigeria were determined with X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometry. Statistical analyses of the results indicate that spatial variations of La, Ce, Nd, Sc, Y, Eu, Mo, Zr, Pb, and Co and the Pearson positive correlation of La/Yb, Ce/Ce*, Eu/Eu*, LREE/HREE in addition to the normalized Chondrite plot of the rare earth elements area revealed a possible environment high erosivity, terrigenous fluviatile sediment sources and lithologically controlled distribution from crystalline Basement source rock. This is further supported by the positive Eu/Eu* anomaly that is indicative of subdued anthropogenic influence. The Ce/Ce* positive anomaly also revealed a two-component system of fine- and coarse-grained terrigenous input. Principal component analysis using rotation solution revealed three sources that are possibly responsible for the distribution of REEs and trace elements. The analyses have also been interpreted to show that HREE, Rb, Zr, Y and Nb were derived from geogenic source resulting from weathering, while Cr, Co, Ni and Zn also came from geogenic source via adsorption by clay minerals in the stream sediments. On the other hand, LREE, REE, Ni, V and Cr were interpreted to be from lithogenic source, while Zn, Pb and As came from both lithogenic and anthropogenic sources.
Subjects:Adsorption; Chemical composition; Metals; Provenance; Rare earths; Spectra; Trace elements; X-ray fluorescence spectra; Africa; Nigeria; West Africa; Gora River; Minna area; Northern Nigeria
Coordinates:N093200 N093500 E0063700 E0063300
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