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Could Dahw/Tahw dissolve problems of plate tectonics

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Authors:Asadiyan, M. H.; Zamani, A.
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Shiraz University, Department of Earth Sciences, Tehran, Iran
Payam-e Noor University, Iran
Volume Title:Asian Journal of Earth Sciences
Source:Asian Journal of Earth Sciences, 3(4), p.190-212. Publisher: Asian Network for Scientific Information (ANSInet), Faisalabad, Pakistan. ISSN: 1819-1886
Publication Date:2010
Note:In English. 8 refs.; illus.
Summary:The aim of this study was to propose an alternative theory to Plate Tectonics. Here in, by using the concepts which Dahw (rolling) and Tahw (spreading) are carried out we try to constrain the Plate Tectonics within fractal geometric model. Dahw/Tahw is a universal phenomena/that can interpret different geological process in a self consistent model. They are induced due to stepwise revolving of Earth's Glob in the interplanetary gravitational field. Orogens rise and orogens set occur periodically due to tuning and detuning of revolver's cycloids during Earth's orbit around the Galaxy. Oceans are detuned environment or Tahw region which dissolves continents gradually, ancient continental pieces along Mid Atlantic Ridge is remnant of fine order tuned cycloids which abandon in the Tahw regions during the Earth Dahwing. Symmetry in the magnetic strip of Atlantic Ocean produces due to interference of westerly revolver's cycloids and easterly revolver's cycloids which meet each other in the MAR. Source of these cycloids are gravitation and rotation. In the global scale materials flow from Tahw cycloid-0 and accumulate in the Dahw cycloid-0, these half cycloids have maximum gravitation gradient and where they meet each other, deepest trench (Mariana) is built. Cycloids are unit cells of the Earth.
Subjects:Earth; Euler deconvolution; Geodynamics; Gravity field; Lineaments; Mantle; Orogeny; Paleomagnetism; Periodicity; Plate rotation; Plate tectonics; Polar wandering; Sea-floor spreading; Tectonics; Theoretical studies; World ocean; Atlantic Ocean; Mariana Trench; Mid-Atlantic Ridge; North Pacific; Northwest Pacific; Pacific Ocean; West Pacific
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