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The characteristics of Mesozoic sedimentary rocks in Gulf of Mexico

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Authors:Li Zhigao; Gong Jianming; Wang Jiao; Liang Jie; Cao Yingchang
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China University of Petroleum, School of Geosciences, Beijing, China
Volume Title:Jianghan Shiyou Xueyuan Xuebao Journal of Jianghan Petroleum Institute
Source:Jianghan Shiyou Xueyuan Xuebao = Journal of Jianghan Petroleum Institute, 36(11), p.52-59. Publisher: Editorial Office of Journal of Oil and Gas Technology, Jingzhou, China. ISSN: 1000-9752
Publication Date:2014
Note:In Chinese with English summary. 12 refs.; illus.
Summary:By analyzing the research results of internal and external scholars, the characteristics of Mesozoic sediments of the Gulf of Mexico Basin were summed up. Analysis indicated that in the late Triassic, fluvial facies, alluvial fan facies and shallow lake and the other continental facies were developed in the Gulf of Mexico Basin, and carbonate sediments were developed in the late period of middle Jurassic-the early period of late Jurassic. And from the later Jurassic to Cretaceous, the river and delta facies were developed in the updip direction, the beach bar and biological reef were developed widely around the basin, and in the downdip, the under water turbidite fen and normal marine mudstone sediments were developed. On the basis of studying the sedimentary characteristics, combined with structural evolutional background, a sedimentary evolution mode was established, and the sedimentary mode and the hydrocarbon accumulation pattern controlled by the structural evolution were analyzed. Study shows that the reef facies reservoir is the major type of reservoir in the Mesozoic System. In addition, the deepwater clastic sand bodies, such as submarine fan and slump fan are the important facies zones of oil and gas enrichment.
Subjects:Chemically precipitated rocks; Clastic rocks; Depositional environment; Evaporites; Fluvial environment; Jurassic; Lithologic controls; Marine environment; Mesozoic; Petroleum; Petroleum exploration; Reservoir rocks; Salt; Sedimentary rocks; Structural controls; Triassic; Upper Triassic; Atlantic Ocean; Gulf of Mexico; North Atlantic
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