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Diagenesis and its influence on the reservoir properties of Chang-8 reservoir rocks in Maling area, Ordos Basin

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Authors:Li Weicheng; Niu Xiaobing; Liang Xiaowei; Zhang Yanmei; You Yuan; Zhang Juzeng; Zhen Jing
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PetroChina, Changqing Oilfield Company, Xi'an, China
Volume Title:Journal of Oil and Gas Technology
Source:Journal of Oil and Gas Technology, 36(8), p.6-11. Publisher: Editorial Office of Journal of Oil and Gas Technology, Jingzhou, China
Publication Date:2014
Note:In Chinese with English summary. 13 refs.
Summary:In consideration of the situation of poorer physical property of Chang 8 Oil Formation in the Maling area and its influence on single-well output, and by comprehensively using the data of cast thin section, scan electron microscope and X-ray diffractions etc., the diagenesis of Chang 8 reservoir and its influence on physical property were deeply studied. The result shows that the compaction and cementation of the illite and ferrocalcite are the main reasons of poorer physical property, when the content of chlorite is lower than 1.5%, it is in positive correlation with permeability; when it is beyond 4.0%, it is obviously in negative correlation with permeability. The sequences of the diagenesis are experienced stages of mechanical compaction-chlorite lining formation-secondary enlargement of quartz-feldspar particle dissolution-formation of authigene kaolinite-young quartz crystallite deposition-formation of authigene illite+rose-like or laminae-chlorite (oil charging)-late ferrocalcite filling. According to vitrinite reflectance, ancient temperature, the characteristics of minerals and the pore association types, it is concluded that the diagenetic evolution of Chang 8 sandstone is at Stage A of the middle diagenetic stage.
Subjects:Cementation; Clastic rocks; Compaction; Diagenesis; Mesozoic; Permeability; Petroleum; Petroleum exploration; Pressure solution; Reservoir properties; Reservoir rocks; Sandstone; Sedimentary rocks; Triassic; Upper Triassic; Vitrinite reflectance; Yanchang Formation; Asia; China; Far East; Ordos Basin; Maling China
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