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Efficiency analysis of seismic data processing with the application of parallel algorithm

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Authors:Zhu Shuyun; Zhu Xuguang; Xie Donglian; Zhang Limei
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PetroChina, BGP, Zhuozhou, China
Volume Title:Shiyou Diqiu Wuli Kantan Oil Geophysical Prospecting
Source:Shiyou Diqiu Wuli Kantan = Oil Geophysical Prospecting, 46(3), p.493-500. Publisher: Shiyou Diqiu Wuli Kantan Pian Ji Bu, Beijing, China. ISSN: 1000-7210
Publication Date:2011
Note:In Chinese with English summary. 4 refs.
Summary:The framework of parallel algorithm can significantly promote the efficiency of segmented seismic data processing and reduce the processing cycle with the help of multinode and multithread parallel computation technology. This paper presents many real data tests for comparisons, and analyzes various factors accordingly which affect the computation efficiency of parallel algorithm. The comparisons tell that the bigger the computation workload in a parallel processing job is, the higher the processing efficiency is; but the processing efficiency of parallel computation cannot increase linearly. With the increase of processing jobs, the acceleration of computation efficiency will slow down gradually and an inflexion will occur at the optimum degree of parallelism. So the best degree of parallelism in a parallel framework will play a key role to keep higher efficiency in seismic data processing.
Subjects:Algorithms; Applications; Data processing; Geophysical methods; Parallel processing; Seismic methods
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