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Application of logging and seismic response characters in forecasting the distribution of good quality of source rocks; taking fault depression group in Songnan new region for an example

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Authors:Zhao Hongwei
Author Affiliations:Primary:
SINOPEC, Northeast Company, Changchun, China
Volume Title:Journal of Oil and Gas Technology
Source:Journal of Oil and Gas Technology, 35(8), p.7-12. Publisher: Editorial Office of Journal of Oil and Gas Technology, Jingzhou, China
Publication Date:2013
Note:In Chinese with English summary. 10 refs.
Summary:Conventional high-quality source rock was identified and evaluated by geochemical analysis of multi-segment samples from hydrocarbon source rocks, whereas this method had certain limitation. While geophysical data contained lots of hydrocarbon source rock data and by using logging data and seismic data and combined with geochemical data, more accurate identification and tracking of source rocks (especially the high-quality source rocks) could be performed. The continuity, high longitudinal resolution and many other features of logging data were used, combined with geochemical data, logging response characteristics of high-quality source rocks were established to identify high-quality source rocks and divide the thickness. The seismic data with no restraint from well data and predictability in a plane were used, combined with geochemical analysis, seismic response characteristics of high-quality source rocks are established for further lateral tracking of seismic data and made clear the distribution range of high-quality source rocks. The method is used to study high quality source rocks in Songnan Fault Depression Group, good results are achieved.
Subjects:Applications; Depressions; Geophysical methods; Geophysical profiles; Geophysical surveys; Petroleum; Petroleum exploration; Seismic methods; Seismic profiles; Seismic response; Source rocks; Surveys; Well-logging; Asia; China; Far East; Liaoning China; Songliao Basin; Songnan Depression
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