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Soderzhaniye i raspredeleniye mikroelementov v allyuvial'nykh pochvakh poym krupnykh rek Zeysko-Selemdzhinskoy ravniny  [Content and distribution of trace elements in alluvial soils in floodplains of large rivers in the Zeya-Selemdzha Plain]

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Alternate Title:Content and distribution of trace elements in alluvial soils in floodplains of large rivers in the Zeya-Selemdzha Plain
Authors:Martynov, A. V.
Author Affiliations:Primary:
Rossiyskaya Akademiya Nauk, Dal'nevostochnoye Otdeleniye, Institut Geologii i Prirodopol'zovaniya, Blagoveshchensk, Russian Federation
Volume Title:Geografiya i Prirodnyye Resursy
Source:Geografiya i Prirodnyye Resursy, 2015(3), p.7. Publisher: Rossiyskaya Akademiya Nauk, Sibirskoye Otdeleniye, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation. ISSN: 0206-1619
Publication Date:2015
Note:In Russian with English summary
Summary:The results of studying the trace elements content in different types of alluvial soils in the floodplains of the Zeya and Selemdzha Rivers in the Amur region are presented. The most widespread types of soils are studied: alluvial gray humus, alluvial gray humus gley and alluvial peaty gley soils as well as residual alluvial burozems as the intermediate type between zonal and intrazonal soils. The X-ray fluorescence method was used to determine the physicochemical and chemical properties as well as trace elements in samples collected from genetic horizons. Factor analysis (principal component analysis) was employed to reveal the influence of the particle-size composition, exchange activity, organic matter and saturated bases on the accumulation-migration properties of trace elements. It is found that particle-size composition and organic matter have influence on accumulation of As, Pb, F, Cu, Co and V. Migration of Cr, Ge, Ga, Se, Ni, Mo, Zr, Sr, Ba, Y, Cs, Rb, Hg and Nb is caused by the reaction of the medium of soil solution and the redox potential. The trace elements Zn, Sc, Sn and Sb show an integral dependence on soil properties. Geochemical indices of soil cover in the floodplains of the Zeya and Selemdzha Rivers were calculated by using data on mean contents of trace elements in the soils of the world.
Subjects:Alluvial soils; Floodplains; Fluvial features; Gleys; Hydrochemistry; Soils; Spectra; Trace elements; X-ray fluorescence spectra; Amur region; Amur Russian Federation; Asia; Commonwealth of Independent States; Russian Federation; Zeya-Bureya Basin; Selemdzha River
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