Yang Wenguang

from the 1815 novel ''Complete Legends of Later Song Crown Prince Ciyun's Flee from Disaster and Travels in the Country'' (後宋慈雲太子逃難走國全傳) |s= |p=Yáng Wénguǎng|w=Yang2 Wen2-kuang3|j=Joeng4 Man4-gwong2|y=Yeung4 Man4-gwong2}} Yang Wenguang (; died 1074) was a general in ancient China's Northern Song Dynasty.

In history, Yang Wenguang was the son of Yang Yanzhao, however, he is the grandson of Yang Yanzhao in the popular fictionalized stories of Yang clan warriors. Provided by Wikipedia
Published in 2012
doi: 10.6038/j.issn.0001-5733.2012.02.021
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