Christian Stamm

}} Christian Stamm is a German actor, screenwriter, director, and lawyer. He is the main character of the upcoming feature films ''Vampyres'' and ''Impar'' , and participated in the box-office films ''Rey Gitano'' (2015), ''Perdiendo el Norte'' ''Cerca de tu Casa'', ''Sonata per a Violoncel'', ''Mr. Nice'' and ''Escalofrío''. He also played the main character in over 50 short films, including the Los Angeles Webseries Festival awarded ''Desenterrados'', ''La Rosa del Desierto'' and ''Carne de Gaviota'' (''Seagull Meat''; 2015), and participated in the Spanish television series ''Cuéntame cómo pasó'', ''Gran Hotel'' (Grand Hotel; 2013), and ''El Barco'' (The Boat; chapters 13 and 14).

Alongside his work as an actor, Stamm is involved in directing, producing, as well as show hosting. He assisted Alicia Verdés with the direction of the awarded ''Alba significa amanecer'' (Alba means dawn; 2012), he is currently producing and starring in the new comedy television series Hans and François, and he hosted the Primavera Sound International music festival 2015 presentation gala. Stamm is also a lawyer and member of the Spanish bar association. Provided by Wikipedia