Paul Morris

Paul Morris may refer to:

* Paul Morris (educationalist) (born 1951), educational writer who published an influential work on the Hong Kong School Curriculum in 1998 * Paul Morris (hurler) (born 1990), Irish hurler * Paul Morris (musician) (born 1959), former keyboardist for Rainbow * Paul Morris (PA announcer) (born 1938), Canadian PA announcer for the Toronto Maple Leafs * Paul Morris (producer), American pornography film producer and owner of Treasure Island Media * Paul Morris (racing driver) (born 1967), Australian V8 Supercar driver * Paul Morris (professor), English-born New Zealand religious diversity scholar * Paul Morris (writer) (born 1958), Scottish film writer * Paul Morris (rugby league, born 1962), Australian rugby league footballer of the 1980s * Paul Morris (1990s rugby league), Australian rugby league footballer of the 1990s Provided by Wikipedia
Published in 2021
doi: 10.5194/egusphere-egu21-7450
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