List of Emmerdale Farm characters (1988)

--> Kate Sugden (also Hughes), played by Sally Knyvette, made her first appearance on 24 August 1988. The character was introduced by new series producer Stuart Doughty, who wanted the serial to feel more up to date. Divorcée Kate and her teenage children were considered "outsiders" and not used to country life, which challenged the Sugden's way of life.

Kate arrives in the village with her two children Rachel Hughes (Glenda McKay) and Mark Hughes (Craig McKay) following her divorce from David Hughes (Martyn Whitby). She clashes with Joe Sugden (Frazer Hines) after he shoots her dog; they eventually fell in love. She marries Joe later that year despite opposition from Rachel and Mark. Kate quits her job as a waitress and buys Matt Skilbeck's (Frederick Pyne) share of Emmerdale Farm. After arguing with Rachel's lover Pete Whiteley (Jim Millea), Kate has several drinks at The Woolpack and accidentally runs down and kills Pete with her car. Kate receives a two-year prison sentence for manslaughter. When she is released from prison 12 months later, she tries to reconcile her marriage with Joe, but they are unable to make it work, so Kate ends their marriage. Realising there is nothing left in Beckindale for her, Kate leaves the village for her home city of Sheffield. Rachel and Mark stay with Joe in Emmerdale. Kate does not attend Mark's funeral, after he dies in a plane crash. A few years later, Kate dies off-screen of a brain haemorrhage. Provided by Wikipedia
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