Brodsky, feminine: Brodskaya (Ukrainian: Бродський, Russian: Бродский) is a toponymic surname derived from Brody, a town in Ukraine. The name is common among Ashkenazi Jews. Czech-language forms are Brodský and Brodská.

Notable people with this surname include: * Nina Brodskaya, Soviet singer * Yulia Brodskaya, artist and illustrator * Adam Brodsky, American Drummer / Musician * Adolph Brodsky (1851–1929), Russian violinist and music teacher * Alexander Brodsky, contemporary architect and artist * Chuck Brodsky (born 1960), American musician * Gail Brodsky (born 1991), American tennis player * Isaac Brodsky (1884–1939), Soviet painter * Jascha Brodsky (1907–1997), Ukrainian-American violinist * Joel Brodsky (1939–2007), photographer * Joseph Brodsky (1940–1996), Russian poet and Nobel Prize winner * Joseph Brodsky (lawyer), chief lawyer for the International Labor Defense * Julian A. Brodsky (born 1933), American businessman * Lazar Brodsky (1848–1904), Ukrainian businessman and philanthropist * Louis Daniel Brodsky (born 1941), American poet * Michael Brodsky (born 1948), American novelist and playwright * Mykhaylo Brodskyy, (born 1959), Ukrainian politician and businessman * Richard Brodsky (1946-2020), American politician and lawyer * Sol Brodsky (1923–1984), American comic book artist and head of production of Marvel Comics * Stanley Brodsky (born 1940), American physicist * Stephen Brodsky, lead singer and guitar player for alternative metal band Cave In * Vadim Brodsky (born 1950), Ukrainian-Polish violinist * Vsevolod Brodsky (1909–1981), Russian-Soviet painter and illustrator, Editor-in-Chief of Molodaya Gvardiya (Young Guard) publishing house * Vlastimil Brodský (1920–2002), Czech actor * Tereza Brodská (born 1968), Czech actress * , Czech actor, singer, and songwriter Provided by Wikipedia
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